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Living your full potential - The King's & Queen's Play (6 weeks intensive)

We are offering an intensive online programme on leadership over a period of 6 weeks, with weekly group sessions on zoom. The King's & Queen's Play is a tool of systemic therapy that allows you to explore your potential - your potential to love, act and create.

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Living your full potential - The King's & Queen's Play (6 weeks intensive)
Living your full potential - The King's & Queen's Play (6 weeks intensive)

Heure et lieu

01 juin 2020, 08:30 – 11:30


À propos de l'événement

The King's and Queen's Play

The King's and Queen's Play (KQP) is a deep and  transformative leadership tool, developed in France by the therapist  Dominique Vincent. It's a psychodramatic staged process, that captures your strengths and weaknesses, as you assume a  role of responsibility within a group. It allows you to improve your ability to cope with situations arising in the workplace as well as in your daily life, and to better manage your inner state of being. The King’s/Queen’s Play shows again and again how much our inner world is constantly shaping the outer. It teaches how our outer reality is the  reflection of our inner world and conversely, and how we can change ourselves and organizations using this mirror effect. It relies on the  understanding of the archetypal structure of individuals and  organizations. The dynamic of individuals and groups are similar in  essence.

This role play uses the archetypes of King/Queen,  Companion-Builder, Warrior, Sage, Artist and Unknown. The archetypes are  embodied by the group members on the council of a fictitious kingdom.  The fundamental archetype is the human body itself with all his  potentialities hidden in it. A “royal” personality is someone who is  truly present and anchored in her body and, most of all, in her heart. Participation in this ‘Play’ makes it obvious that what happens  in a group, depends to a large extent on the inner world of its leader.  What constantly traps a leader in his effectiveness, are his underlying  conditionings, beliefs and scenarios that he has not yet recognized as  such and thus enacts them unconsciously. 


With the current situation and its difficulties to meet and travel, we are offering a virtual version of the King's & Queen's Play, in a highly intense format: Over 6 weeks, you will meet once a week for 3 hours with an international group of like minded people. Each session is purely based on experiential learning through the experience of a king's & queen's play as either a King/Queen or a member of its counsil. Every meeting may be considered as a therapy session for each of the participants. The weekly rythm is both intense and leaves you time to integrate and appy learning between sessions. 

No theoretical input is to be expected. Instead, the sessions will be shaped by experience, exchange, feedback and guidance through the trainers.  We believe that an accomplished leader leads from the heart. Thus, time is taken to connect to your heart, speak from your heart and listen to others from the place of your heart.

Our collaboration will be based on confidentiality, trust and positive pedagogy.


Dominique Vincent, founder of the King's & Queen's Play method

Sabine Mueller, accedited trainer of KQP

Please find detailed information on the trainers here:


The seminar will be held in English and online via weekly zoom meetings over a period of 6 weeks.


Sessions will be held mostly on monday mornings from 8:30-11:30h (please keep your agenda free till 12am)

1/ Monday, 1st of June 2020

2/ Friday, 12th of June 2020

3/ Monday, 15th of June 2020

4/ Monday, 22nd of June 2020

5/ Monday, 29th of June 2020

6/ Friday, 3rd of July 2020


60EUR/session - Total: 360EUR (in case of difficulty please approach one of the trainers)

It is important that you consider the 6 sessions as integral part of the entire training. Each session will be a step further in your personal evolution, building on the previous steps. It is thus essential to participate in the entire process. 


A short telephone interview with one of the trainers is required to make sure the seminar fits your needs and objectives.

Your profile:

You may work in a managing/leading position, or simply wish to improve & strengthen your personal leadership qualities in your private life. No specific educational background is required, other than an open heart and an open mind.

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