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Bienvenue! Je suis Gestalt-thérapeute, coach & formatrice systémique avec une dimension spirituelle. Je suis spécialisée dans le développement d’un leadership authentique envers soi-même et les autres. 

Je vous accompagne sur le chemin qui est intimement le vôtre, inscrit au fond de votre cœur. Ensemble, découvrons le sens de vos expériences, vos soi-disant obstacles. Réalisez que tout ce que vous rencontrez sur votre chemin est une projection de votre monde intérieur. Ainsi toute difficulté cherche à attirer votre attention, pour être vue, guéri et libéré. Ce travail vous permet de réintégrer toutes les facettes de votre être et de devenir à nouveau entier.

 Welcome! My name is Sabine Mueller. I work as Gestalt therapist, personal development trainer and innovation consultant - with a spiritual dimension. I work with both individuals and groups, and possess the ability to connect deeply with people. I help them access their true self and inner strength, and to let go from limitations. ​I also conduct seminars on leadership, conflict resolution in teams, and further topics around the development of personality. All of my workshops and seminars can be offered in English, French and German. 

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client testimonials


“I would like to thank you for being our coach during the Design Thinking project. You offered an extremely insightful and new approach to tackling problems of today and I will definitely incorporate this into my career in the future. Incidentally, it also helped me to reconnect with myself  which I lost track of last year and would like to sincerely say that I am truly grateful for everything. I really appreciate all of it: from the meditation to the exercises done in class and how we went about it.”

— Rachael (Singapore),

Design Thinking Worksop, BSB Dijon

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