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What is leadership?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 nov. 2022

Our world is shaped by those leading it. They attract our admiration but also our anger, disappointment, and jealousy. To many, it feels like leadership is power that is given to some and not to others. Obviously, some have more power than others.

However, there is one simple truth, we ALL have to face : Every day - each one of us - from the moment we get up from bed - we have to LEAD our lives!

But how do we lead them? Are we aware of the power we have about our own lives?

If so, what do we do with that power? Do we create or destruct? Love or envy? Give or take? Express ourselves or retain?

A healthy way to get in touch with YOUR leadership is to take a sincere and objective look at it. How do I lead my life? What kind of a leader am I? It is not important to actually lead a team or a company or a country. Leadership starts INSIDE. The way I lead myself, is the way I do and will lead others. My inner and outer worlds are the same in its nature.

Do I take care of my body? How do I take care of my relationships? My friendships? My colleagues? How to I take care of my spirituality - meaning, the sens I see in this life and how I fill it with deeper value.

My invitation for today, is to have a look at your own throne. Try to describe the king or queen you see sitting there. What's he/she like? If you were to give him/her an advice, which one would that be?

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