Design Thinking: Innovating with empathy          

There is no problem without a context! And those are created by human beings. If we take the time and effort to explore that context, the real problem will appear - together with the best possible solution/s. Human Centred Design Thinking (HCDT) is an innovation method originally defined by the consulting company IDEO in the USA. But also further developed and taught at Stanford DSchool.  Before jumping to the solution of a problem, Design Thinking makes an essential ‘detour’ called EMPATHY to explore the needs of people involved in a problem, or capable of providing inspiration to solve the problem! Design Thinking provides qualitative insights into your challenges and allows for better solutions – adapted to the actual needs of people (clients, future clients, employees etc). We offer 3-5 day tailor made trainings in Design Thinking for your team. We also accompany innovation processes and creative teams over longer periods of time.

Sabine works with Design Thinking since 2013 and has realised more than 100 Design Thinking challenges with small and medium-sized enterprises in various European countries, mainly in France, Germany, England, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

Human Centered Design Thinking (HCDT) est une méthode d’innovation des Etats-Unis (Ideo Consulting & Stanford DSchool). Design Thinking est une posture plus qu'une méthode, basée sur un regard emphatique de la problématique rencontrée par une entreprise/un entrepreneur et toutes les personnes concernés.

Nous avons développé des solutions innovantes pour de nombreuses problématiques d’entreprises en appliquant la méthode Design Thinking. Entre autre pour des grandes entreprises (p.ex. Décathlon, BEL, la Poste) mais aussi une centaine de PME locales et régionales dans différents pays européens comme la France, l'Allemagne, les Pays-Bas et la Lithuanie (exemple en bas). La méthode vous permet de porter un nouveau regard sur vos difficultés et d’identifier les réels besoins de vos clients afin d’y répondre.

Nous proposons également de former vos équipes à la méthode dans des formats courts de 3-5jours.

Design Thinking Mission for a bicycle shop in Dijon, France (2018) "How to generate a sustainable business model, especially in winter time?"

"Brainwalking" after a deep exploration of customer needs. Re-definition of the initial problem: "How to increase added value for customers and help the company stand out?"

© Design Thinking project in the scope of an MBA summer school at Burgundy School of Business (BSB Dijon), 06/2018 (TEG, The Entrepreneurial Garden)


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